Friday, 9 April 2010

DOUBLE 'C' 7 - CC7

Lagerfeld... Karl Lagerfeld.

As the economic crisis strikes and is always present, feeding itself on the back of our minds, we have to ask ourselves in a truly Bradshaw way...Why do we keep betting on Chanel?

From Five O'Clogs

to crême (de la crême) tweed

our favourite Bond has shot hope into our bored outfits.

While we're living in wild west movies, feeding on denim, leather and khaki shades, KL-God here strolls right past us and leaves us with an envious need blended with a sad void of want, longing for his designs.

This breathtaking season's collection manages to capture the classic beauty of Chanel's features while displaying it's vitality and youthfullness which makes us want to inhale all of its appealness.

Ecology is turning into something cool due to the Keiser. As you may know, the 2010 Chanel Summer Runway was set in a nature-looking, eco-friendly farm house, in which the models glided to the sound of harmony.

All this being said, we will close this issue by pointing out that although Lagerfeld's intention might of been to represent innocence, this collection had the licence to kill.

Lots of love,

PS. We couldn't resist...Who wants some tatoos? Although we must warn you, the price tag isn't exactly heaven for a credit card.

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